• Tapapiés Festival, Madrid

    November 5, 2018

Tapapiés is a multicultural celebration of music and tapas in Lavapiés. With natives from around 88 nationalities living together in streets full of cosmopolitan energy, this Madrid neighborhood concentrates multiple artistic, culinary and lifestyle trends. Or so I think I read in a Spanish booklet as we inhaled our first tapas delights from Viva Chapata just down the street from our fabulous Airbnb rental. Our host Pablo was super! And Dee and I soon realised after checking in that we would be smack in the middle of all the yummy goodness Lavapiés had to offer us that weekend. Two glorious days of gastronomic satisfaction. Except, Dee passed out for 4 hours and then we spent the rest of our first day shopping. 

At night as we hopped from bar to bar, and decided we would need a repeat in order to fully appreciate what was more than just some food fest. We discovered hidden bars and vibesy hangout spots, even made some new friends along the way. But with only one day left over to explore, we barely covered el Museo del Prado, a tourist trap rooftop bar at Circulo de Bellas Artes- worth the view- and a neat hipster theatre-bar I can’t remember the name of. For those of your just interested in the food, tapapiés specials included savoury eats like Chocolate Marinated Veal eclairs and Hummus macaroons, each plate along with an Estrella (1) for only €2.50! Of the tastiest were a vegan friendly tapa of Cauliflour Nuggets topped with Ssamjang Salsa from La Encomienda (3) Kimchi drizzled Timber Marinated Veal Shewer fresh off the SHAO grill.



Side Note: there are a few low budget airlines that get you from place to place relatively unscathed but do yourself a favor and Read this BEFORE you travel with Ryan Air. While their base flight-rates are attractive enough to seem worth the journey up to Stanstead airport here are a few things to consider:
Unforeseen Occurrences such as as road blocks and route deviations and how these may affect your anticipated arrival time for your flight.
Ryan air may be best suited for light travellers so be sure you pay your Additional Baggage Charges ONLINE AT THE TIME OF YOUR BOOKING or you will pay more if you try to add on afterward.
Also be sure to check in ONLINE  as checking-in at the airport will incurr an additional charge. Basically any possible way they can charge you extra, they will. We dished out an additional $278 between us at the airport for silly things. 
Lastly, if it’s cold outside, you may wind up standing in wait on the tarmac for an undefined period of time while you wait to bored the plane as they may need to sort out their baggage and seating issues.


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