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    March 26, 2017

Sweden is a vast Scandinavic territory with so many points of interest, it can be hard to know where to start. One might easily be enthralled by the scenic landscapes, metropolitan diversity and gastronomic richness, not to mention their “too cool” fashion and design sense that is nordic sensibility meets impeccable style.


Sweden’s capital, Stockholm has costal regions which include over a dozen islands that are connected through many bridgeworks. Unique landmarks, museums, cultural outlets, along with an impressive shopping and dining scene make Stockholm an obvious travel hotspot.


Less than an hour across-bridge from Copenhagen is Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city. Their local diversity, sustainability and youth-centered initiatives contribute to the city’s cultural and social dynamism. Malmö stad is also a popular place among foodies with more restaurants per capita that anywhere else in Sweden.

Ingen ko på isen in Malmö stad


Helsingborg is the Swedish costal city located just across the Øresund Strait from Hensingør, Denmark. It takes about an hour and twenty minutes by car from Copenhagen to Hensingør and the ferry crossing from there is roughly 45 minutes. It is a friendly, laid back city with good places to eat, shop and explore for a day or two.

Stortorget market square
Entrance to medieval Danish Fortress , Kärnan
Kärnan – The Keep of Helsingborg


“1732” building in Helsingør

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