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    April 28, 2018


“A new series that explores fruit culture in Trinidad & Tobago through the lens of Ornella our host and mixologist. Join us as we celebrate seasonal fruits and their diverse flavors and textures through experimental and innovative beverages.”


That was the concept. Diving head first into a drinks show after a 7 year hiatus from mixology with absolutely no presenting experience was something else. Since my pre-occupations involve both scientific and creative work, I lunged at the opportunity to combine things I already enjoyed doing on the side – i.e. bush adventures, research and mixology – and get paid for it. However, presenting the thoughts in my head on camera coherently was not as easy as I thought.

Something about glaring into the dark void of a hooded convex lens just made me awkwarddd. And knowing just what I planned to say to viewers and what I would end up ‘decanting’… I cringe. Hosting, as I learned, is harder than it looks but the experience gained from co-producing was invaluable. Aside from the couple hundred-thousand views on facebook, positive reactions and engagement from Eatahfood’s hard earned organically-earned audience, I had discovered a way to create impactful content using media I had not tried before.

Before long, I got to working on my own video production skills but the absolute take-home point for me was this: Sometimes your creativity does not match your ability but don’t let that discourage you. You might suck now, but if you keep working you’d suck less tomorrow. At least that’s what some guy, Tarique on my Instagram says. In the mean time, enjoy my hot mess.


Episode 4 – Inga/ Pois Doux / Ice-Cream Bean Fruit:

For general facts about this fruit and a look at some poix doux cocktails, check out Decanted at Eatahfood’s beverage blog here:


Episode 3 – Averrhoa Carambola / Five-Fingers / Star Fruit:

If you’re keen on learning about health benefits found in Five Finger or carambola cocktail recipes, tap the link below:


Episode 2 – Portugal Citrus:

Portugal cocktails from this episode here:


Episode 1 – Hibiscus Subdariffa / Sorrel/ Roselle:

Click here for Sorrel cocktail recipes:


Video Production – Detnator Ltd.

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